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i am so glad that you are here!

i am carrie jarvis; i put the "carrie" in see carrie color.

that's me on the right.

see carrie color is a true labor of love, and i hope you will love it too! my items can be found: 

visit me on instagram, shoot me a text, or email. i love hearing from my customers and followers. see my faqs below and enjoy exploring all things see carrie color!



what is hand lettering and how is it different from handwriting?

handwriting is the way we write all day every day when jotting down a note, filling out a form, adding our names to a list, etc. hand lettering is the art of creating letters to look a specific way using hand written methods. my handwriting and hand lettering are not the same! all of my work is hand lettered using styles that i have created to make my signature style.


do you create custom orders?


I love creating custom orders for people! Some of my favorite pieces include custom stickers for family events, quotes turned into posters to be hung in offices, custom greeting cards, and business logo. DM or email me so we can discuss your idea and make it come to life. 


are your stickers really waterproof?


absolutely! one of my art market booths was vandalized overnight in june 2023. the vandals took 2 gallons of water and poured it all over my displays (stickers, magnets, cards, prints, tote bags, and more). when i opened my tent in the morning, my stickers were floating in the tackle box where i store them, having sat in water for hours. the stickers all dried out, and i was able to sell them without any damage. it’s the best endorsement that i can give to their waterproof nature!


what materials do you use to create your work?


i create the majority of my work using an iPad pro, ProCreate (app), and an apple pencil. i sometimes create art using chalk and markers.

i can get this stuff cheaper on amazon.

actually, you can't because all of my items are designed and made by me. i am a small, one woman business. my warehouse is my basement and my shipping hub is my dining room table. when you buy from an independent artist, you are paying for a small batch item that is carefully curated with a lot of love. simply put, i cannot compete with amazon prime, nor am i trying to, and my prices reflect that.

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