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about me

hello! i am so glad that you came to visit.


i am carrie jarvis– i put the “carrie” in see carrie color.


i am a hand lettering artist and designer

based in beautiful saint paul, mn.


i have always been artistic with a love for letters. i started creating large scale sidewalk chalk installations in my neighborhood during the pandemic and found an outlet for all the craziness going on around me. i then started creating pieces on chalkboards with markers before finding hand lettering and drawing on my iPad. once i started creating pieces digitally (yet still by hand as i use an apple pencil to hand letter and draw all my work), i was able to transfer them easily to things like stickers, magnets, and cards. and, thus, see carrie color as a business was born!


i attended my first show as an artist in june 2022. since that time, i have participated in dozens of art and craft markets. i love meeting people in person and have been floored by the outpouring of love and support for my work.


i am also a mother (both of humans and animals), wife, daughter, friend, lover of coca cola, popcorn, rainbow colors, cuss words, and lower case letters.













i spent the first 20 years of my working life as an educator. i held the roles of english teacher, college counselor, dean of students, and assistant principal all at the secondary level. i enjoyed my time in schools, but the world of public education changed a lot during my time as an educator. during the 2021-22 school year i started having panic attacks on most days when i entered the building. i was sick of taking the blame for all of the struggles facing public schools

and felt very unhappy. 


i contemplated leaving my job for years but always got stuck on, “what else could i do?”


i started meeting with a life coach in late 2021 and came to the realization that i didn’t need to know what was next to know that education wasn’t right for me anymore. so, with a lot of support and faith in myself, i put in my resignation and left education behind in june 2022. 


i have never looked back.

please get in touch via instagram @seecarriecolor or send me an email at i love talking with my customers!

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