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parenting is one of the best and worst things that i have ever done. i question my own parenting a lot: am i doing the right thing? am i messing up their lives? should i discipline more? less? and on and on. a friend was listening to me vent about my woes and replied, "parenting is only hard for good parents." that phrase really stuck with me and has helped me to feel that i am doing the right things even when it's so, so hard.



  • approximately 2.75 inches x 2.5 inches

  • waterproof/weatherproof  (truly! see my faqs for more details)

  • printed on vinyl in full color with eco friendly inks

  • standard matte finish

  • perfect for laptops, iPads, water bottles, cars, phones, and so much more! where will you put yours?!

good parents sticker or magnet

Excluding Sales Tax
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