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at see carrie color, we strongly disagree with the act of banning books. author jodi piccoult said it best with her op-ed in the new york times, "there is absolutely nothing wrong with a parent deciding a certain book is not right for her child. there is a colossal problem with a parent deciding that, therefore, no child should be allowed to read that book." i created this design to show that i read banned books and don't believe in banning books on any level.



  • approximately 3 inches x 2.5 inches

  • waterproof/weatherproof  (truly! see my faqs for more details)

  • printed on vinyl in full color with eco friendly inks

  • standard matte finish

  • perfect for laptops, iPads, water bottles, cars, phones, and so much more! where will you put yours?!

i read banned books sticker or magnet

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